Diagnostic Breast Imaging (Mammography and Ultrasound)

Diagnostic Breast Imaging means looking at a specific area of your breast that is worrying you or your doctor. This includes:

  • a thickening or a lump
  • skin dimpling or ulceration
  • nipple discharge
  • persistent nipple rash
  • non-cyclical or focal pain

Most of these changes will not be due to cancer, but you should see your doctor as soon as possible to arrange the necessary tests. Generally this involves both mammography and ultrasound of the breast. This type of mammogram can be done at any age but ultrasound may be performed first in women under thirty-five years of age.

Even though your imaging may be normal, your doctor may send you for further tests, e.g. biopsy or aspiration. If appropriate this may be arranged at the same visit.